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Our Story

Humble beginnings always make for a great story and we’ve been kicking back and relaxing from the start.


In 1965 most people were tinkering with cars in their garage. Davis Bynum was tinkering with wine. He created Barefoot Bynum Burgundy in that tiny room. But our spirited ways really began with our founders, Michael Houlihan and Bonnie Harvey. In 1986, they took a sleepy label and gave it Sole. Both agreed it was time for a wine that didn't take itself too seriously. So, Barefoot Cellars was created (Bonnie liked the name because it was easy to pronounce) and initially run out of their home. Some say the office was so small you had to go outside to change your mind.


Our founders began with two big varietals that were all about bringing the fun back.

California Cabernet Sauvignon and California Sauvignon Blanc. Michael and Bonnie searched for the perfect image to represent their new wine. Finally, Bonnie just rolled out some paper, stepped on the biggest inkpad she could find and left her mark. It's been on our label ever since.


Good times are great, but good times that do good are even better. Our founders knew that to inspire people all you needed was a little fun and a lot of heart. They brought Randy Arnold to the team in 1990 to be one of the first Barefooters. Randy always says “good things happen to those who do good.” And he’s proved it. Along with Michael and Bonnie, he helped kick-start our tradition of supporting our passions by partnering with non-profits close to their hearts. Traveling up and down the California coast, Randy acted as our ambassador and turned everyone he met into a friend. He helped our founders turn that tradition into what it is today. He's been following his heart since day one and doesn't plan on stopping. Neither do we.

Our founders knew that behind every great bottle of wine is an even greater winemaker. And ours is Jennifer Wall. She joined the team in 1995 back when there were only four varietals. She's all about making fun, flavorful wines that fans of any experience level will love. And thanks to her, we now have fourteen still wines, four Refresh® wines and seven sparkling ones. Along with Michael and Bonnie, Jen helped us become a nationally recognized name in the big old wine industry. She's helped us win thousands of medals and become the most awarded wine brand in U.S. competitions. And she keeps upping her game. We can't wait to see what she'll come up with next.

Big hearts and big ideas always lead to a natural partnership.

So, in 2005, forces were joined with the E. & J. Gallo winery. We’ve been having a great time chasing our dreams together ever since.

Yeah, we’re all about making wine more fun, but giving back is really what’s at Barefoot’s heart and sole. Over the past 30 years, we’ve made some great friends at over 3,000 charities worldwide. We were so inspired by all the Good Soles we’ve met, we decided to celebrate a few of them by making them our Soles of the Year. In their honor, we even created a whole new wine blend called Impression® Red Blend. It’s our way of celebrating the good impressions they’re making in their communities every day. Over the years, people have gone head over heels for our wine, giving us some amazing

OUR PASSION IS MAKING THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE THROUGH WINE. recognition and professional awards. And now we’re excited to share a brand new wine to toast with. It’s called Barefoot Refresh®. We created four light-bodied and lively new wine varieties that are full of flavor and more refreshing than most traditional wines. Enjoy Barefoot Refresh® over ice, and join us to get Barefoot and have a great time!


Get Barefoot and Have a Great Time!

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